What We Do

What We Do

Our platform uses Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), deep learning with cognitive and data sciences to create confidence and accurate knowledge.

The algorithms adapt to each’s existing knowledge. The system then learns to move quickly through the knowledge that is already known and spend time on the knowledge gaps, so students master the content in half the time of conventional methods.

The versityU AI engine is a hybrid system that seeks to emulate the human brain. The AI engine includes heuristic pattern matching algorithms, an integrated object database, a state machine processing engine, advanced scripting, vision and image processing. The AI engine is tightly integrated with our proprietary data analytics platform allowing our AI to make real-time personalized recommendations.

A pattern of neurons in the brain generates your certainty. Certainty manifests in your consciousness as a feeling that you should proceed, hesitate, or stop. This is the feeling that leads to actions and outcomes in the world. In a confidence based learning platform like versityU, confidence becomes aligned with accurate knowledge, resulting in optimal decisions and high-quality care.

Finally, you can measure the effectiveness of your studying – in real-time! Gain insight into the depth of your knowledge and understanding with visual data analytics that reflects the individual struggle and mastery. Knowing where misinformation is declining and where it is systemic lets you know exactly where and what action is needed.

Our A.I. Bot is named “Becky,” she helps drive a personalized experience that helps students plan, prepare for, and then pass their exams the first time. This method assists in the successful credentialing of students and professionals preparing for their medical board certification exams.

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